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Gnosis IQ® Announces New Partnership with Desert Financial Credit Union

Arizona-based Organizations Team Up to Provide Financial Education to Students

PHOENIXGnosis IQ, an Arizona-based artificial intelligence software company that predicts and tracks student academic success and empowers the well-being of students, is thrilled to announce that it is partnering with Desert Financial Credit Union to provide financial literacy education to schools and families in Arizona.

Through this partnership, Desert Financial Credit Union offers free financial literacy courses and educational content through Gnosis IQ's platform for students, teachers, schools, and parents. These classes, programs, and workshops are immediately available and accessible to equip families and schools with the essential skills to help children succeed.

As a parent of three, I am very excited for Gnosis IQ to work with Desert Financial Credit Union to further support Arizona schools and its families, said Gnosis IQ's CEO, Ben Smith. There is a lack of financial literacy education within our school system today that negatively impacts Arizona students. This partnership will not only fill that gap but will provide long-term benefits for children of all ages.

Both organizations recognize the need within the community to help children, and their parents develop a further understanding of financial literacy. Important skills such as how to best manage your child's finances and how to pay taxes are not currently taught in the classroom.

Desert Financial Credit Union is now able to engage with an all-new demographic through Gnosis IQ's platform and its existing network with schools and educational institutions. This partnership allows both organizations to actively support educational innovation focused on academic achievement as well as overall student well-being. Through the integration of cutting-edge technology, Gnosis IQ continues to create tools that holistically benefit students.

About Gnosis IQ

Gnosis IQ is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that predicts and tracks student academic success and empowers the well-being of students. The software predicts students' future performance while providing students, parents, teachers, and administration the ability to intervene and help students who will struggle before it becomes a significant problem. The program syncs with the school's student management system and grade book data and builds a powerful dashboard unique to each user. For more information, contact Gnosis IQ or call 480-430-3894.

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