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Gnosis IQ enables teachers to assist students with their academic and emotional challenges proactively!

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Gnosis IQ offers parents easy-to-access tools designed to be intuitive and inform parents how and where students struggle academically and emotionally.

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Gnosis IQ is designed to improve the lives of teachers with tools that automate the process of tracking student progress and engagement, creating emotional awareness, knowing where and when to offer intervention, and more! Teachers already using Gnosis IQ share that they save, on average, 8-10 hours a week of administrative time.

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Gnosis IQ provides administrators with the ability to gain meaningful insight into academic and emotional information at the district, school, classroom, and student levels.

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Parents and teachers are the last to know more often than not, and in some cases, it is too late. Through the power of Gnosis IQ, teachers can identify students who need help in real-time.

Whether academically or emotionally, assisting when needed can make a positive difference in the student’s academic life and identify emotional issues that can lead to saving lives.

  • Clear overview of all students
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Rapid deployment of solutions
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Through the power of Gnosis IQ, teachers are empowered to engage with students proactively and, when necessary, their families to affect positive change.

  • Customizable action plans
  • Early intervention tools
  • Daily student journals
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A Picture is Worth a
Thousand Words

Gnosis IQ’s innovative dashboard provides an interactive screen to enable the student’s information to be viewed promptly. Teachers can gauge and better understand the students’ emotional and learning activities on an ongoing basis.

  • Role-based dashboards
  • Consolidate student data
  • Understand student needs
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We are grateful to our many partners for their commitment and vision and invite others to join us in saving lives and improving students’ academic and emotional wellness. We build corporate partnerships on complementary strengths and needs. Together we realize exceptional efficiencies and global impact and achieve our shared mission to restore health, improve academic performance, and save lives.

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We know that schools cannot provide 24/7 support. To support them and their students, we have allied with nonprofit organizations across the country aligned with our mission of supporting student emotional health at no cost.

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